Writing Classes

These workshops are your opportunity to craft your emotional truth through the art of narrative.

The Women’s Creative Writing Workshop (10 weeks) is a mixed level two-hour generative writing workshop. This is designed for women to express their creativity and emotional truth on the page, to ask and seek support for their work or ideas, and to further their voices. This class addresses the creative process and personal expression through narrative across the genres of fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction. You will leave class with improved writing skills and a clear understanding of your personal writing strengths, process, and literary interests.

This 2hour class is designed for women with limited time who want the basic fundamentals of how to write a divorce story for their personal/legal file. The workshop will introduce how and why the narrative of marriage, divorce, family, and gender affect women’s understanding and perception of self and divorce. It is suitable for any stage of divorce. 

In this live workshop at da Shop, writers will explore how and why Master Narratives are foundational to our framework of belief, community, and self. Participants will also examine their creative literary process in relation to Master Narratives. The creation of the world on the page, including the nuance of a character, and how we construct plot, conflict, and resolution are formed by our conception of our Master Narratives. Most significantly, the Master Narratives guide our approach to our subject matter and our identities as writers.